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Does Malfunctioning Gas Igniter Lead To Clicking of The Stove?

Does Malfunctioning Gas Igniter Lead To Clicking of The Stove?

If your stove or range is operated by gas, you are probably familiar with the clicking noise it makes when you turn the knobs on. You hear a steady click, click, click until the burner lights up. This noise that makes the clicking sound is the electric igniter that works to spark the burner. It normally stops once the burner is lit.

Its normal for an igniter that is functioning as it should to click up to three times before it actually lights. However, there are occasions where it will click longer before it ignites or it will continue to make this clicking sound for a while. There are reasons why the clicking continues on occasions. Here are some ideas as to why this happens and what you can do to fix it.

It is important to note that in most cases, a clicking igniter is not normally dangerous however if it is allowed to continue clicking the gas could be turned off of it. If you smell gas, or if you suspect a leak, the first thing you want to do is to shut off the gas supply. Get out of the room and call your gas supplier to let them know.

Out of Alignment

A common problem that will cause clicking is that the gas igniter is out of alignment. To correct this issue, remove the gas burner grate to access the cap. Remove the cap and center it back on the base.

Excess Moisture

Sometimes moisture can become trapped inside the burner, such as in the case of a pot that boils over onto the burner or if food or grease spill out while cooking. It can also happen while you are cleaning the stovetop. When moisture gets into the igniter, it may look dry but it really isn’t. You can dry it up manually by removing the burner cap and allowing the air to dry it up. Or you can speed up the process by using a towel or point a fan at the range top.

Food or Debris

As you cook, it is normal for the debris to splash out onto the stove top and settle down into the holes inside the burner. To prevent this, you can use a metal paper clip to help dig out the debris from inside the grooves. It is important that you don’t use toothpicks to clean inside as they can break off and become lodged inside.
If your igniter still don’t work, you may want to call a professional to come to your home and help you to fix the problem. There are not many issues you will have with your gas appliance that cannot be fixed by either you or a professional appliance repair service in Stoney Creek.