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Your Refrigerator: There is a Rhyme And Reason For Those Compartments

Your Refrigerator: There is a Rhyme And Reason For Those Compartments

If you are like most homeowners, you pay little attention to all those special compartments in your refrigerator other than the obvious crisper drawers and butter compartment. But did you know that there is a reason behind each of those compartments and why they are positioned where they are in the fridge? At the risk of filling your head with more useless information that you really don’t need, it may come up at your next dinner party. So pay attention.

If you consider the anatomy of the inside of your refrigerator, you will understand that there are matters of differing temperatures and humidity levels. The shelves, compartments, and drawers are designed to make use of these differences.

The Door Shelves

Most people store their condiments on the door and there is a reason for this. Those shelves are specifically designed for them. The door is the warmest area of your internal fridge. Luckily, your condiments are typically high in natural preservatives. Salt and vinegar are the key ingredients in many of your condiments which make them less susceptible to a little warmer climate inside the fridge.

The Butter Compartment

Your butter and soft cheeses don’t require as cold an environment as many other items your store in your fridge, hence your butter compartment is at the top of the door. One caveat: do NOT store your eggs in the nifty little egg container that comes with your fridge. This most often sits neatly in a door compartment. Your eggs need a colder environment. The manufacturers got it wrong on this one. Eggs should go somewhere in the middle of the fridge,

Bottom Shelf

This shelf is the coldest all interior fridge areas. Make sure to keep your most perishable items here. Always keep meat and dairy items on the bottom shelf, specifically at the back. Although it’s not always convenient, it will keep things at their freshest. In most cases, the area at the bottom shelf has the most room for this very reason.

Fruit and Vegetable Crispers

You may not know this but fruits and vegetables have their own unique needs inside the fridge. Fruits want a less humid environment whereas veggies like that humidity. In the case of each, leave them unwashed until you are ready to use them. Too much standing or accumulated water is not a good thing when it comes to produce.

So there you have it. There is a reason for those shelves and compartments and now you can wow your friends and neighbors will all your refrigerator knowledge. And when you need a trusted appliance repair expert in Stoney Creek? Prove how very smart you are and call the experts at AG Appliance Repair.