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Expert Appliance Repair Services in Stoney Creek

When you call the Stoney Creek appliance repair professionals at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek, you get dedicated service, expert repairs, maintenance, and installation, at the most affordable and transparent pricing in the industry. As the most trusted repair service in Stoney Creek, we are dedicated to long-term relationships with our customers. We firmly believe that happy customers are our best advertisement.

Preventive Maintenance

At AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek, we provide a full-service approach to repairing and maintaining the optimum operation of your major household appliances. Today’s appliances are large investments. With the proper maintenance, most homeowners can mitigate up to 90% of all appliance repairs before they happen. With a periodic maintenance plan, our experts do a full diagnostic inspection and cleaning of all your household appliances. If your appliance needs servicing, it most often will show at a maintenance visit and can be attended to before it becomes an emergency repair.

Appliance Installation

Professional installation is also another service that we offer. Many homeowners may not appreciate the skill needed to properly install today’s appliances, particularly when they require connections to electricity, natural gas, or plumbing. Delivery of new appliances often does not include professional installation. Our technicians have the appropriate tools, equipment, and skill necessary for a proper installation. Don’t take any chances. Hire a professional.

Latest Training

Our technicians have the latest education and training when it comes to new technology in today’s appliances. Some appliances have moved away from the simple machines they used to be and are now more technically sophisticated. Technicians that have not furthered their training can be stumped when it comes to repairing new appliances.

At AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek, we require that our technicians further their knowledge and education and update their training periodically. When you hire us to repair any of your appliances, no matter how advanced, you can rest assured that you have hired the most trained and experiened repair professionals in the business.

Repair of All Household Appliances

If you are experiencing an appliance breakdown or malfunction, call the expert Stoney Creek appliance repair professionals at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek. We provide fast, affordable, and reliable repair services for all your major household appliances:


Hand washing clothing may have been perfectly fine for our ancestors. In fact, there may be a certain romance about Grandma’s old wringer washer. But for today’s busy family, a washer is no luxury but a necessity. Call our repair technicians to get your washer working properly again.


The same could be said of hanging laundry on the clothesline. When was the last time you chose to hang laundry out to air dry? When your dryer is malfunctioning, you need help fast. Call the Stoney Creek professionals.


Perhaps the most important appliance in the household, your refrigerator keeps food fresh. Losing an entire refrigerator of food is not only inconvenient but a waste of money and time. Call the repair technicians at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek to get your refrigerator working correctly.


Preparing meals is important to the daily functioning of most busy families. Going out to eat can be fun but going out constantly because your stove isn’t working is expensive and inconvenient. Call us to get your stove or oven operating faultlessly.


Hand washing dishes can be sheer drudgery but that is exactly what you will be doing after a dishwasher breakdown. You can rely on the experienced appliance repair technicians at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek to get your dishwasher working correctly again.


Most homeowners don’t realize how much they use their microwave ovens until they break down. Then the inconvenience is very apparent. Call our repair professionals for a quick and reliable microwave repair.


The lowly garbage disposal is one of our most frequent repair calls. Most homeowners use the garbage disposal in ways that they just weren’t designed. This results in clogs and jams. When you need a garbage disposal repair, call the professional at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek. We will have it repaired in no time.

Service You Can Trust

At AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek, we like to think that there are many things that set us apart from our competition. We never take your trust for granted. That is why we can assure you that each and every technician in our employ is not only thoroughly trained and factory certified but has undergone a thorough background check and drug testing. When you open your door to one of our technicians, you can have peace of mind that you are entrusting your repair to a skilled and trustworthy individual.


At AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek, we believe that customer service is the most important thing a company can offer. You may find many companies that can repair your appliances, but when it comes to customer-centric approaches, we are unsurpassed. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. 100% satisfaction is our promise to you. We are the Stoney Creek appliance professionals you can trust for:

A complete line of appliance services including expert repairs, preventive maintenance, and professional and skilled installations

Availability at your convenience

Emergency dispatch services

The most experienced and skilled technicians in the industry

Quality repairs with only manufacturer approved parts and components

Affordable services with upfront quotes

When you call our expert staff to repair, maintain, or install your household appliances, you are calling a team of specialists that bring years of combined experience, expertise, and skill to the table. In most cases, your appliances will be back to working properly the same day you call with quick, cost-effective solutions.

When you have an appliance malfunction, only trust the best. For nearly twenty years, the expert Stoney Creek appliance repair professionals at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek have been serving the community with honesty and integrity. For appliance service that you can trust, call the repair experts at AG Appliance Repair Stoney Creek.