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How Summer Can Take A Toll On Our Appliances

How Summer Can Take A Toll On Our Appliances

With summer a few short months away, you can anticipate the kids being out of school, neighborhood barbecues in full swing, and glorious warm weather. You want to make sure your appliances are ready. Cold drink? There goes that fridge door again. Dirty soccer uniforms? Another load of laundry, eh? Whether we are preparing more food, washing more clothes, or washing more dishes, summertime is a time when our appliances tend to work in overdrive.

Although the season shouldn’t matter to our appliances, it does make a difference. Here are some ways that summertime weather takes a toll on our household appliances.

Higher Energy Use

When it comes to your refrigerator, energy consumption can spike in the summer. Opening and closing the door is a part of it. But warmer temperatures make it more difficult for your fridge to keep food cold. This can lead to more energy use. Before summer rolls around, give your refrigerator some attention and clean the condenser coils. These coils enable you fridge to dissipate heat. When they are dirty, your fridge needs to work harder to keep food cold.


When the weather turns hot and humid, your fridge can experience condensation. The increase moisture not only makes us feel hot and sticky but it can degrade appliances faster. Hot, humid air can cause moisture to build up on the interior of the doors and shelves of your refrigerator. Make sure your fridge’s gaskets are clean and repaired. When the refrigerator doors aren’t sealed properly or air is leaking or if the doors are continually opened, condensation will tend to build up.


Don’t use too much detergent in your washer. Although this can be a problem any time of the year inside your washer, with the additional loads of laundry you may be doing in the summer it can be an even bigger problem. Grass stains? Mustard stains? Don’t be tempted to use more detergent. Instead, pre-treat those stains.

A hot and humid environment can result in mold growth when too much detergent is used and gets trapped inside your washer. This is most obvious under the gasket of a front load washer but it happens in top loaders as well. Make sure you are only using the amount of detergent your owner’s manual calls for. And make sure you are using the right type of detergent for your machine. This is especially true when it comes to high-efficiency washers. Only use detergents that are marked with the HE emblem for these.

Storms and Power Outages

During times of high power usage or a violent summer storm, we can experience power outages. This means an increased risk of short circuiting and harm to appliances. If you are in a situation where the electricity is flickering, you may want to move your food into the freezer from the fridge for safekeeping. If you are experiencing a brownout, appliance repair professionals in Stoney Creek suggest that you unplug your appliances. With reduced voltage, appliances end up drawing excess power and this can burn the equipment out.

We all look forward to summer. With just a little extra care, your appliances can survive another summer intact. If you are needing professional appliance repair in Stoney Creek, call the experts at AG Appliance Repair for a quick and affordable repair.