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Tips To Running Your Appliances More Efficiently

Tips To Running Your Appliances More Efficiently

Have you been feeling the pinch each time you pay that energy bill? We hear you! But unless you can afford to go out and buy a whole household of new energy-efficient appliances, you may want to consider using these tips to make your current appliances a little more efficient and hopefully save a bit on those energy bills.

Your Refrigerator

Next to home heating and cooling, this appliance is your next biggest energy consumer. But there are important ways you can save on energy with this bad boy. One important way is to keep condenser coils clean. This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your fridge is working efficiently.

It’s good to keep the fridge stocked but remember that air circulation is important. Cramming food in front of vents makes your fridge work harder. And if you have an energy saving switch, turn it on when it’s cool outside.

Opening and closing the fridge door allows air to escape and wastes energy. And, that being said, if your gaskets are old and worn or even dirty, it can make the door seal less effective. Replace worn gaskets or clean them with mild soap and water.

Your Dishwasher

With today’s new dishwashers, there’s really no need to pre-rinse dishes. Save some energy and water and just scrape your dishes before loading them.

Always run full loads. This saves water and electricity. And if your dishes aren’t heavily soiled, avoid the pots and pans cycle. Run your kitchen tap to make sure hot water is available at the start of a load so you can avoid the temp boost heater. And crack your dishwasher open at the end of the cycle and allow those dishes to air dry.

Your Stove and Oven

If your stove is electric, make sure to match the size of your burner to the pot you’re using. There’s no need to heat the electric coil that isn’t busy heating a pot.

When using your oven, pre-heating is often a waste of energy. Don’t preheat any longer than 10 minutes. And turn your oven off immediately after cooking and even before. An oven will hold its temperature for quite awhile after it has been turned off. The residual heat after your oven is turned off will stay consistent enough to continue cooking your items for at least 10 minutes or longer.

Your Washer

Unless your clothing is really dirty, cold water washing is just as effective as warm. Warm rinse? It is no better than cold. And if you do find that your clothes are not getting sufficiently clean, make a habit of pre-treating. Never add more detergent as this can actually harm your washer. Always run full loads. And go for the high-spin cycle. This removes more water from your load which will allow your dryer to dry more efficiently.

Your Dryer

The one thing that allows your dryer to work more efficiently is circulation. Make sure the lint filter is cleaned every time you do your laundry and make sure there is no accumulation of lint in the vent to the outside. Even better, take advantage of a nice day and line dry some of your items.

If you feel that your appliances are costing more than they should in energy costs, it may be time to call an expert. Call the Stoney Creek appliance repair professionals at AG Appliance Repair. We can get your appliances working efficiently once again.